"Late in my project -- the last 3-4 years, I also used two other brands of floodlights because GE bulbs were becoming difficult to find. I used ACE Hardware brand indoor floodlight (120 watts), labeled BR 40 lamp. I also used Sylvania flood (120 watt) also BR 40 lamp.
There was no change in the reproduction success of my animals. I noticed that my chuckwallas had a firm, muscular build and quite strong compared to animals of the same size at the Riverbanks Zoo. The latter were soft and flabby.

Let me know what the UV output of these bulbs are. I think you can telephone the company and speak directly with their technical staff. I would be very surprised if the bulbs produced any significant amount of light in the UV spectrum."

(I spoke to Mr. Dennis Lynch at GE Engineering. He beileves the BR 40 floodlamp line produces negligible UVA and UVB light. RSH)

Below is the specral curve from the Sylvania BR40