Hi , My name is Pancho, I am the mostly greenish macaw on the far right - they call me a Harlequin macaw. My father was a Greenwing Macaw - like the two red ones in the center - but my mother was a blue and gold macaw. Guess you read Dr. Hines' email to my owner. I have just felt so stressed out and antsy lately - can't figure out why. Things are the same that they have been my whole life. I know my owners love me but I just don't feel right. So when they aren't interacting with me, I spend my time preening my feathers. The new ones kinda itch when they come in so I worry those the most. It's normal for me to peel the sheaths off of them when they are sprouting - but I get carried away and before I know it, I yank them out. Perhaps if I had other stuff to occupy my time, I wouldn't be sooo.. compulsive. I am kinda embarased about what my chest looks like now, but if you click here, I'll show you.